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Obrenovacki drum 27a,
11 030 Belgrade, Serbia
Tel + 381 11 357 22 44
Fax +381 11 357 23 00

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Brakewater, Ports and Marinas Building and Rehabilitation Works

Foundation works, bored piles, hammer piles, sheet piles

Ground Improvement Works, stone column, vibro compaction works

Dredge works

Steel Constructions Works, production, installation, NDT

Concrete Works, precast, in situ, underwater, laboratory testing

Geodetic survey, standard, underwater

Underwater inspection works, ROV

Underwater Cathodic Protection

Dewatering objects and terrain by high capacity mobile pumps

Underwater UXO Clearance Operation

Underwater Demolition-Mining Works

Ships Underwater Services GL standard

Salvage Operation

Confined Space Works

Hazardous Waters and Hazardous Area Works

Rope Access Works 

Watersupply, construction and rehabilitation works

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